Bosch and Delphi injection-components
By Ethan Emmanuel , 2017-11-22

Bosch and Delphi injection-components

InjectionDiesel fuel injection system

The power and torque of a diesel engine is the result of immense pressure inside the combustion engine. This pressure is a combination of oxygen thrust (N/A or turbo-charged) and a fuel injection system. Pressure and Precision are 2 keywords when talking about a high quality fuel injection system of any kind of engine. 

Pressure and precision


All the components of a diesel injection system are calibrated to work at par with sensitive engine specifications. These settings are the result of Precision by the smallest of components working inside an injector and dieselpump. Engine conditions such as loss of power, bad idle RPMs, going into limp-mode, irregular fuel consumption, and/or reluctance to start can be linked to a faulty component in the injection system. To ensure the precise and pressurized delivery of fuel it is always recommended to clean the fuel system frequently. However sometimes the replacement of injectors and pumps becomes necessary to guarantee the smooth running of the vehicle. Factors such as weather, temperature, mileage as well as health and quality of fuel contribute to the life of the diesel injection system.

Original NEW or REMAN diesel injectors, diesel pumps and EUI (Electronic Unit Injectors)


SLP offers ORIGINAL injection system components such as diesel-injectors, injector sleeves, diesel injection pumps, fuel pumps as well as EUI – Electronic Unit Injectors. NEW units are available as well as ORIGINAL REMAN as a cost-effective, green eco-friendly alternative.

2-year SLP warranty

The REMAN units are refurbished in accordance with OE quality standards, with original parts replacement, factory calibration and come with a standard 2-year SLP warranty. 2 year warranty applies for NEW components as well.

Available for shipping world-wide!

Ff-551 Injection

Available for Volvo Construction Equipment, Truck, Bus and Penta applications

VCE: A25D, A25F, A30F, A30D, A35F, A35F FS, D6H, D13F, D13H, L150G, L180G, L180G HL, L220G, L250G, L330C, L330C BM, L330D, L330E, EC330B, EC360B, EC360C, EC460B, L40, L40B, L45, L45B, L150E, L180E, L220E, A35D, A35E, A40D, A40E, A40F, EC330B, EC330C, EC360B, EC360C, EC460B, EC460C, L150E, L150F, L180E, L180F, L220E, L220F, PL4608, PL4611, T450D, EC460B LC, EC460B LR, EC360B LC, EC360B NLC, EC360B LR, EC330B LC, EC330C L, EC330C LD, EC360C L, EC360C NL, EC460C L, EC360C HR, EC460C HR, EC360B LC, EC360B NLC, EC360B LR, EC330B LC, EC360C L, EC360C NL, EC360C LD, EC460C L, EC460C LD, EC460B LC, EC460B LR, EC140C, EC160C, EC170D, EC180C, EC200B, EC210B, EC210C, EC220D, EC235C, ECR145C, ECR235C, EW145B, EW160C, EW180C, EW210C, EW230C, FC2121C, FC2421C, L60F, L70F, L90F, P5770C, P5870C, P6820C, P6870C, D4E EBE3 EC140C L, EC140C LM, D4E EAE3 ECR145C L, D6D EC200B, D6E EAE2 EC210B LC, EC210B LR, EC210B NC, EC210B NLC, D6E EAE3 EC160C L, EC160C NL, EC180C L, EC210B LC, ECR235C L, EC210B LR, EC210B NC, EC210B NLC, EC210C L, FC2421C, D6E EFE3 EC210C L, EC210C LD, EC210C LR, EC210C N, EC210C NL, FC2121C, D6E EGE3 EC23C LD, EC235 NL, D6E EIE3 EW145B, D6E EDE3 EW160C, D6E ECE3 EW180C, D6E EEE3 EW210C, D6E EHE3 EW230C, D6E LCE3 L60F, D6E LBE3 L70F, D6E LAE3 L90F

BUS: B5, B7, B9, B12

TRUCK: FE, FL6, FM7, FM9, FM10, FM12, FH12, FH16, NH12, NH16, NL12, FMXVolvo/Mack MD9, MD11, MD13 LR (Low Power), MD16, D11K, D13K, D16K, VHD, VN VE12 (USA), VT VE16 (USA)

PENTA: Various marine engines and industrial engine applications.

For other Volvo and Scania applications please contact us for availability! SLP can also re-furbish your injectors and pumps if we don not have them in our portfolio.

* Core surcharge is applicable (on REMAN/Re-furbished units) and can be refunded upon core return or unless otherwise agreed upon with SLP.


For more information, please contact

Ethan Emmanuel, Strategic Sourcing Manager
Phone dir: +46 8 555 978 15



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