Launch of direct sales B2B
By Linnea Hägerfelth , 2021-06-16

Launch of direct sales B2B

Today we open our website for direct sales to all companies (B2B), with prices that are visible to everyone and one shopping cart. Prices will not be discounted and there will be clear references to our distributors with logos, links and prompts to compare prices. Customers will find that distributors' prices are more favorable throughout. This is to get customers to discover the distributors' favorable prices.

Swedish Lorry Parts takes the lead in the industry
By taking this step into e-commerce B2B, we take the lead in our industry and strengthening our brand.
We expect to increase our brand awareness and make our wide product range visible to even more people. At the same time, we are deepening our collaboration with our distributors by sending more customers to them via our website. 

Benefits for our distributors
Swedish Lorry Parts is today represented in 91 markets around the world by our competent distributor network.

By making prices visible and providing the opportunity for direct purchases, our opportunities to be seen and marketed on the internet are improved. We aim for more visitors to the site and greater knowledge of our brand and our wide product range.

At the same time, our distributors will be more visible with clearer logos and direct links. We will encourage direct price comparisons. It will also be possible for customers to easily save the products they have added to the shopping cart and send them on to their local distributor as a quote request.

In this way, we create benefits for our distributors while giving our high-quality products increased visibility in the market.

No changes for large customers
Our large customers still have their favorable contract prices and will not experience any changes. On the contrary, SLP will continue to provide products with high quality and with high delivery precision. And of course with our favorable 2-year guarantee on all products.

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