About Swedish Lorry Parts

Swedish Lorry Parts is a Swedish company specialising in replacement parts suitable for Volvo Off Highway machinery, Volvo/Scania Trucks & Buses and Volvo Penta/Scania Marine & Industry.  We identified a market in need for spare parts of high quality at the right price, and we decided to do something about it.

To assure proper quality, we handle our own production and product development. As a customer, you can be confident that our quality standards apply to every step of production, from purchasing to finished product. And thanks to an efficient organization, we can provide quick delivery worldwide.

Focus on spare parts

Manufacturing and selling spare parts is our company’s main business, not just an extra thing we do alongside manufacturing and selling vehicles. This is why we are able to keep such a large percentage of our products in stock and available. We are competing with OE parts. Our goal is to provide equal or better quality at a more attractive price.

Swedish Lorry Parts is growing

Since SLP’s founding in 1991, it has developed customer contacts around the world. On continent after continent, in country after country, SLP has provided the essential components needed to repair heavy vehicles – which, it turns out, are the same around the globe. High productivity and an ability to deliver quickly have served us well in the heavy vehicle industry worldwide. Every year, our skilled team coordinates some 100,000 deliveries to 91 countries. Thanks to a well-stocked warehouse and cutting-edge logistics, we can ship the vast majority of orders the same day they come in. Our product range, already extensive, grows by about 1,500 articles annually. We now stock almost 13,500 products. The company currently has annual sales of some SEK 277,2 million and employs 59 people (2023).

Optimal availability

High product availability and quick delivery have earned us a good name in the heavy vehicle industry. We typically have the same or higher availability for our parts than many OE product suppliers. Unlike vehicle manufacturers, for us, spare parts are our main focus. That’s why we can maintain such high availability. Over 65 percent of our products come from production lines tooled by us, based on our own drawings, and most of them are produced in Europe. We ship over 100,000 deliveries annually to 91 countries around the world.


Automated central warehouse

Our cutting edge warehouse facility is strategically situated in Kumla, in the middle of a logistical hub. Thanks to our geographic location, we have ready access to all forms of transport and can deliver by ship, air, truck or train. Our customers know we are reliable and expect efficient, on-time delivery of top quality products. We never let corporate structure or technology stand in the way of quick delivery. Our warehouse is automated and article availability is always high. Orders are typically packed and shipped the same day they come in. Right next to the warehouse is the production facility where we assemble our repair kits.

95% product availability and quick delivery

Depending on the size of your order and the transport method, most orders are shipped the same day the order comes in. 95% of products are in stock at all times.

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