Our webshop is now open for all B2B customers.  You don't need to be a registered customer at SLP to be able to place an order.

Quick guide for unregistered customers


If you are a registered customer with user name and password, here you can get acquainted with our webshop and get tips on how to search for products, easily place your orders and use many of the smart features we offer.

Logging into the webshop
To log in simply click in the top right corner and enter your username and password. If you are a new customer, or if you have forgotten your login details, please contact our customer support. We can also help create individual accounts if you are different persons sharing an account.

My account
Account info, contact details: When you have logged in you can access “my account” where you will find account information, order history, invoice history, quote history and your shopping cart. Download price lists: You can also download different types of price lists. Just tick the boxes, chose brand and type of catalogue, and what type of file. Either in Excel or in CSV format. And press “Download”. That will give you your own unique price list.

Searching for spare parts
Search products with search field. To search for items, start by choosing the “heavy duty spare parts” tab. From here you can either enter the SLP part number in the search field, your engine code, the manufacturers part number or search by free text. Search by vehicle, brand and category If you don’t know the exact part number you can narrow your search down by choosing type of vehicle, brand and product category. If you click one product you find the product details.

Adding products to your cart
You can simply add products from a search list or from the product page. Just enter the quantity into this field and click “add to cart”. A message in this red box confirms that the part has been added to your cart. To check your cart you can either click the cart icon in the top menu or the headline “cart” in the drop down menu under “My account”. Here you can see all products that you have added.

Save & upload shopping lists
Save your cart or shopping list for later or upload your shopping list: You can save the shopping list that you have in your cart by clicking the csv or the excel icons. If you download it you can save it and use it another time by uploading the shopping list here. In the excel file you can see your order information, like article numbers, quantity, etc. Another way to save the shopping list in your cart is to request a quote.

Organizing your cart and deliveries
Stock status indicators: Green indicates that your chosen articles are in stock, and ready for delivery. Red indicates a back order and which date the articles will be back in stock. Grey means that the product is a non-stock item, and needs to be ordered.



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