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Swedish Lorry Parts has been very successful. Therefore, we want to give back to society and help good businesses and initiatives. Here are some of the worthy businesses that we support:

Hedla Rehabilitation Center

One business that we are particularly involved in and proud of is SLP's subsidiary Hedla. Hedla is a rehabilitation center for stroke or other acquired brain damage patients. The center in Almuñecar on Spain's sunny coast offers intensive and individually adapted neurological rehabilitation with targeted and specific training in an enriched environment.

Improved function with intensive neuro rehab

Research and proven experience show that with the proper training and stimulation, the brain can restore lost function, even many years after an acquired brain injury. For maximum recovery, rehabilitation should be intensive and individually designed for each person, with specific and repetitive training in an enriched environment. These facts are well known on a research-level worldwide in principle. At Hedla, we put it into practice. Hedla's rehab program is based on extensive clinical experience and the basic principles of neuroplasticity, i.e., the brain's ability to develop and reorganize itself in response to new experiences, stimulation and challenges. Close contact with ongoing scientific research in neurological rehabilitation enables us to continuously develop, evaluate and refine our methods to always be at the forefront.

Intensive and individually tailored training

The individually tailored training lasts five hours daily, Monday to Friday, for three weeks. The exercises enable a sufficiently large training dose and intensity to achieve clear improvements following each participant's goals.  

Enriched environment

Research shows that an enriched environment positively affects the brain and, not least, its ability to recover from injury or illness. An enriched environment includes three main components: physical activity, intellectual stimulation, and social interaction.

Located on Spain's Costa Tropical

The location of Hedla's facility in Almuñécar offers a truly enriched environment with sea views and verdant gardens specially designed for neurological rehabilitation, socializing, and sharing experiences with people in a similar situation. The excellent climate in Almuñécar also plays an important role and allows outdoor training almost every day of the year. The surroundings, with adjacent parks, mountains, and many beaches, enable training in varied terrain and offer realistic challenges with problem-solving at all levels.

Hedla rehabilitation center, located in Almuñecar on the Costa del Sol, offers intensive and individually adapted neurological rehabilitation.

Founded by Lars Hedlund

When the Swedish business leader and founder of Swedish Lorry Parts, Lars Hedlund, suffered a stroke, he searched for a long time for a neurological rehabilitation center where one could apply the latest research in reality. When he could not find any such place, Lars himself took the initiative that ultimately led to the founding

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The Swedish state owns Samhall, and the primary mission is to create developing jobs for people with disabilities and thus give them a place in the regular labor market. The goal is for 1,500 employees to leave Samhall for other employers each year.

At SLP, we have collaborated closely with Samhall for around 25 years. We currently have about forty Samhall employees at our facility in Kumla in areas such as warehouse and logistics, assembly, and cleaning. We are pleased that many have entered working life via these assignments.

Säkra Varje Unge (Secure Every Child)

At Swedish Lorry Parts, we think that social issues concerning children are critical. The right to a safe and secure upbringing applies to all children. Still, unfortunately, reality does not always look like that. According to the Council of Europe, every forth child has in some form been sexually abused in Sweden. Internet hate and grooming have begun to be commonplace for many children. That is why we have chosen to collaborate with Säkra Varje Unge, which works to create awareness about sexual abuse and child abuse. The foundation FTS Säkra Varje Unge offers free education for adults, children, and young people all over Sweden. They provide schools with free seminars, lectures, and educational materials but also support the children and young people who have been sexually exploited or violated in other ways.

The foundation is politically and religiously independent and based on the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child, the Convention on the Rights of the Child.


Visit FTS Säkra varje unge>>

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