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Volvo Penta parts

Swedish Lorry Parts' affordable spare parts extend the life of your Volvo Penta, benefiting your operating economy and the environment. Regular maintenance and replacement of worn parts are crucial for your engine to function optimally and avoid costly downtime. Volvo Penta parts from Swedish Lorry Parts are designed with durability in mind and are an excellent choice for those who want to give their engine maximum life at the best possible price.

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Volvo Penta parts suitable for 4–16 liters engines

With qualitative replacement parts from Swedish Lorry Parts, you can bring new life to your Volvo Penta engines. A smart way to save both money and the environment. We constantly hold a wide and deep range of parts in stock for immediate delivery.

We have very affordable prices that makes it very attractive to renovate older marine engine models of smaller sizes, from 31- up to the 300-series. We have also begun to develop parts for the marine unique D4 and D6 engines. Our products enable renovation of an otherwise non-renovable engine type.  In addition, we have a comprehensive range of replacement parts and kits for everything from the D4 up to the D16 engines in the Marine and Industry segment.


Product range for Volvo Penta spare parts for Marine & Industry

For Volvo Penta engines we offer a full range of replacement parts for diesel engines between 4–16 liters: Injectors, Oil coolers, Radiators, Intercoolers, Valves, Oil pumps, Water pumps, Cylinder liner kits, Gaskets, Overhaul kits, Starters, Alternators, Turbos, Turbo cartridge, Condensers, Pistons, Bearings, Valves, Engine rebuild kits, Cylinder head rebuild kits, Hoses, Cooling system parts, Fuel system parts and Lubrication parts.

For Volvo Penta drives we offer: Bearings. Seal kits, Shims, Bellow, Anodes, Hose connectors.


Oversize pistons suitable for Penta D4 and D6

Swedish Lorry Parts is the first company to develop oversize pistons for Volvo Penta D4, D6 engines. We offer an option to save money by boring your old engine and replacing pistons. Today all pistons are +0,5 mm and are weight balanced to match standard pistons. During next year we will also offer +0,25 and 0,75 mm oversize pistons. Save money and spare the environment by giving your engine a new life.

Engine rebuild parts in one convenient kit set

Trying to map out how to rebuild your engine? Make sure one of our engine rebuild kits is a part of the equation. These time and cost saving kits bring together some of the most essential parts like pistons, piston rings, gaskets, bearings, and more in one convenient kit. Including parts might vary depending on application.

For more details about the products, please visit our complete line of diesel engine spare parts. All original part numbers and models are fully searchable in our webshop.


The Importance of Regular Cooling System Maintenance for Marine Engines

Regular maintenance of the cooling system is crucial for marine engines. Neglecting it can result in severe damage or failure. Debris, rust, and contaminants can clog the system, leading to overheating and potential engine issues like warped cylinder heads or cracked blocks. To prevent these problems, the system should be serviced, cleaned, and inspected annually or more frequently in harsh conditions. High-quality coolant must be used and replaced as recommended to maintain engine protection. Regular maintenance is essential to avoid costly repairs and ensure the engine's reliability.


Technical support on Volvo Penta parts
If you have questions about our Volvo Penta parts for marine and industry, do not hesitate to contact us. Questions are usually answered within a day. Finding the right Volvo Penta spare parts sometimes requires clever detective work. Our technical experts have solid expertise and decades of experience in their product areas. We can also search component lists for older engines to find exactly the parts needed.


3 years warranty on spare parts suitable for Volvo Penta

Swedish Lorry Parts delivers only premium quality products. Making sure that every part we sell meets our tough quality standards is the heart of our business. That is why we have extended our warranty to 3 years. As a SLP customer, you can be absolutely confident that our Volvo Penta spare parts deliver the quality we promise. 

High availability on replacement parts suitable for Volvo Penta

Heavy duty spare parts are our main focus unlike other manufacturers. That’s why we often have higher availability than many OE product suppliers. We keep 95 percent of our product range in stock for immediate delivery. Usually, we pack and ship your order the day it comes in. 

We develop all Volvo Penta parts in-house

To assure quality of our spare parts for Volvo Penta our skilled engineers develop and design all production line tools in-house. You can be confident that our quality standards apply to every step of the production. 

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