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Suitable for
Volvo OE Reference Number: 914515
Part Number: SS-515

Category: Miscellaneous
Weight: 0,002kg
AVAILABILITY:   Stock status100+ In Stock InStock
0,46 EUR Exl. VAT



Prices are EX-WORKS. They may vary between markets. They do not include freight, customs or VAT costs

Suitable for

Volvo Trucks
Volvo Off Road
A20C, A25C, A25D, A25E
A25F, A25G, A30D, A30E
A30F, A30G, A35E FS, A35E
A35F FS, A35F, A35G FS, A35G
A40E FS, A40E, A40F FS, A40F
A40G FS, A40G, A45G FS, A45G
A60H, EC120D AG, EC120D, EC130E AGC4
EC140C L, EC140C LM, EC140D L, EC140D LM
EC140E L, EC140E LM, EC160C L, EC160C NL
EC160D L, EC160D NL, EC160E L, EC160E NL
EC170D L, EC170D, EC180C L, EC180D L
EC180E L, EC200B, EC200D AG, EC200D
EC200E AG, EC200E AGC4, EC200E L, EC200E NL
EC200E S, EC210B F, EC210B LC, EC210B LR
EC210B NC, EC210B NLC, EC210B, EC210C L
EC210C LD, EC210C LR, EC210C N, EC210C NL
EC210D L, EC210D LR, EC210D, EC210E LHDS
EC210E S, EC220D L, EC220D LR, EC220D N
EC220D NL, EC220D, EC220E L, EC220E LC4
EC220E LHDS, EC220E LR, EC220E LS, EC220E N
EC220E NH, EC220E NL, EC230 Electric, EC235C LD
EC235C NL, EC235D NL, EC240B LC, EC240B LR
EC240B NLC, EC240C L, EC240C LD, EC240C LR
EC240C NL, EC250D L, EC250D LR, EC250D NL
EC250D, EC250E L, EC250E LC4, EC250E LD
EC250E LR, EC250E NL, EC250E NLD, EC290B LC
EC290B LR, EC290C L, EC290C LD, EC290C LR
EC290C NL, EC300D L, EC300D LD, EC300D LR
EC300D NL, EC300E L, EC300E LC4, EC300E LD
EC300E LR, EC300E NL, EC300E NLD, EC330B LC
EC330C L, EC330C LD, EC340D L, EC350D L
EC350D, EC350E L, EC350E NL, EC360B LC
EC360B LR, EC360B NLC, EC360C HR, EC360C L
EC360C LD, EC360C NL, EC360E LC4, EC380D HR
EC380D L, EC380D LR, EC380D NL, EC380E HR
EC400E LC4, EC400E LHBC4, EC460B LC, EC460B LR
EC460C HR, EC460C L, EC460C LD, EC480D HR
EC480D L, EC480D LR, EC480E HR, EC480E L
EC480E LD, EC480E LR, EC500E LC4, EC500E LHBC4
EC500E LHBS, EC500E LS, EC530E L, EC55 Electric
EC550E L, EC550E LC4, EC550E LHB, EC550E LHBC4
EC55D AG, EC55D, EC60C, EC60D
EC60E, EC700B LC, EC700C HR, EC700C L
EC700C LD, EC750E HR, EC75D AG, EC75D
EC80D, EC950E L, EC950F L, EC950F LC4
ECR145C L, ECR145D L, ECR145E L, ECR145E LM
ECR235C L, ECR235D L, ECR235E L, ECR305C L
ECR355E L, ECR355E NL, ECR58D, ECR88
ECR88D, EW140D, EW140E C4, EW140E
EW145B, EW150E, EW160D, EW160E
EW180C, EW180D, EW180E, EW200E MH
EW205D, EW205E C4, EW205E, EW210D
EW220E, EW240E MH, EW60C, EW60E C4
EW60E, EWR130E, EWR150E, EWR170E
FC2121C, FC2421C, FC2924C, FC3329C
JL120HZ, L105, L110E, L110F
L110G, L110H, L120C, L120D
L120E, L120F, L120G, L120G Z
L120H, L150C LB, L150C, L150D
L150E, L150F, L180C CO, L180C HL
L180C, L180D HL, L180D, L180E HL
L180E, L180F HL, L180F, L20H
L220D, L220E, L220F, L25H
L30G, L35G, L60E OR, L60E
L90E OR, L90E, PL3005D, PL3005E
PL4608, PL4611, PL4809D, PL4809E

Volvo BM
5350B, A20C, A25, A25B
A25C, L120C, L150, L150C
L180 CO, L180 HL, L180, L180C CO
L180C HL, L180C
Volvo Marine & Industry
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