Sales procedure


1. Products

Swedish Lorry Parts AB (SLP) is a company specializing in spare parts suitable for Volvo and Scania trucks, buses, wheel loaders, articulated haulers and excavators.A vital part of the SLP business is, and has always been quality. Our Customers can rely on the fact that parts from SLP keep at least the same quality as OEM parts.
We have created our own designs and constructed our own tools for our products and we utilise all the competence and experience we possess, in order to work with continuously improvements. In all essentials, our products are designed and manufactured in Sweden, an advantage when they are intended for Swedish heavy vehicles. Every SLP part is also signed; a seal that stands for the highest quality. We cannot allow any spare part from SLP to be less good than the original part.
The SLP product range is available in our main catalogues, “Truck and Bus”, “Off-Road” and “industrial & Marine” as well as in our CD and, for customers with login, at
New products are constantly being introduced to the range. News on such products are found on our website and informed regularly to our Distributors and Customers.
This Sales Policy & Procedure is giving the basic guidelines for the co-operation between SLP and you as our Customer.For other conditions please see SLP General Terms and Conditions at 

2. Prices

2.1 Prices

Normally there is a general price adjustment in springtime with 1 (one) month notice. The exchange rate will be adjusted once per trimester to reflect the actual rate to the Swedish Crown.  Further SLP may change the price of the products ongoing to reflect any change in cost to SLP due to any factor beyond our control (including without limitation,  alteration in duties or taxes, increase in the cost of material or other cost of manufacture).

2.2 Currency

Invoices are usually made in three currencies depending on recipient -
Swedish Crowns (SEK) for Customers in Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Iceland.
Invoices will be made in EUR for Customers within the EURO zone.
Invoices will be made in USD for Customers within remaining zones.
If invoicing are in a different currency than payment there will be a final calculation of received amount upon receipt of payment at SLP account. Any deviation from invoiced amount in SEK will be charged to Customer.

2.3 Payment Instructions

Payment may be effected directly to any of our bank accounts. Our bank details are as following:
Danske Bank
Address: Årstaängsvägen 21B, Box 47038, SE-100 74 Stockholm, Sweden

If you need more information about our accounts, please contact us at 

3. Quotation procedures

3.1 Lead-time for quotation

All inquiries received by SLP will be replied to with a written quotation. Normal lead-time to issue a quotation is the same or second day after receipt of an inquiry. This lead-time may be longer depending on the size and complexity of the inquiry.

3.2 Terms of delivery

All quotations are made on ex works basis SLP warehouse (Incoterms 2000), unless otherwise has been agreed upon. Cost of transportation, packing and insurance are to be paid by the Customer.

3.3 Terms of Payment

Unless otherwise has been agreed upon in writing, Terms of Payment used by SLP is cash in advance prior to any shipment.SLP can, on request, check creditworthiness with the help of Company Creditsafe and offer credit payment if company is solid.  

4. Order Procedures

4.1 Order Classes

All orders must be open on our webpage or sent to SLP by regular mail, fax or e-mail. Where this is not possible due to no connection or other technical difficulties etc orders may be given to SLP by telephone. You may use your own order form or SLP Order Form 001.1 (see enclosed) when placing your orders.
Six different order classes are used for ordering parts.

WEB (A)                      Order placed on website by a registered customer
WEB (B)                      Order placed on website by a non-registered customer
EXPRESS (E)               Same day shipment
NORMAL (N)             Normal Order
STOCK (P)                  Stock Order
SPECIAL (S)               Order with Special Terms or Requirements

WEB (A):
Order placed on website.  Way of delivery and size of order determines how order will be handled - as E, N, P or S below.
WEB (B):
Order placed on website.  Will be shipped within three working days after day of placing order.
This order class may be used when rapid delivery of parts is necessary and same day shipment is critical. Normally not more than 30 order lines, 300 kg and/or 1,5 m3. For orders up to 120 orders lines next day shipment will be used. Please contact us if you have questions or special requirements.
This order class may be used when ordering for planned or unplanned parts need, but still of urgent nature. Normally up to 120 order lines and/or 1200 kg and/or 6 m3. Order will be shipped within three working days after the day of placing the order/receiving the order confirmation. If a customer requires later shipment date this may be applied. Shipment date may also be adjusted pending coming availability of goods.
This order class is used for stock replenishment and for larger orders. Orders will be shipped within 5 working days after the day of placing the order/receiving the order confirmation. If a customer requires later shipment date this may be applied. Shipment date may also be adjusted pending coming availability of goods.
This order class is used for orders with special terms or conditions or exceptionally large orders. Lead-time and shipment may also depend on special terms and conditions.

4.2 Packing and Handling

SLP is charging a SEK 150 (EURO 20) fee for Packing and Handling on orders with a value below SEK 10.000 and SEK 350 (EURO 40) for orders with value above SEK. 10.000.

4.3 Dangerous Goods

To be allowed to transport products that are classified as dangerous goods according to Law (2006: 263) certain rules must be followed. The products must be sent in a separate shipment and packaged in type-approved packaging. This means that the packaging must meet certain design and test requirements in order to be used. An extra fee will be added.

4.4 Order Confirmation

All orders placed with SLP will be confirmed by an Order Confirmation at the latest the following working day after receipt of the order. Order confirmation for Express (E) orders will be sent upon receipt of the order.

4.5 Back Orders

Based on the Order Confirmation the Customer gives information on how the back ordered items should be handled. Back ordered items can either be deducted from the order and re-ordered by the Customer at next order occasion or remain as backorders. Any backordered item will be delivered together with the following order placed by the Customer, when the backordered items are available from stock, unless otherwise is agreed.

Order type B will not have any back orders.  Only items in stock will be possible to order.

4.6 Addresses

All documents concerning orders should be forwarded to: 

Swedish Lorry Parts AB 
AB Botvid Business Center
Fågelviksvägen 9
SE-145 53 Norsborg
Telephone:    + 46 8 555 978 00
Fax:    +46 8 555 978 98

4.7 Order Deadline

Due to the transport departure times, variations may occur in the order deadline between market areas. As a general rule the following applies:
WEB (A)                  Depending on way of delivery
WEB (B)                  Depending on way of delivery
EXPRESS (E)           15:30 (CET) for same day despatch using TNT or DHL
                                 11.00 (CET) for same day despatch using other NORMAL (N)
NORMAL (N)         16:00 (CET) for delivery the within the 3rd working day after placing order
STOCK (P)              16.00 (CET) for delivery the within the 5th working day after placing order
STOCK (S)               No order dead-line. Based on agreed delivery timetables or other agreement

5 Shipping Procedures

When shipping parts and accessories SLP observe international agreements and regulations, special regulations stipulated by authorities of the countries concerned and shipping instructions received from the Customer. In order to permit SLP to continuously give the best possible service, it will be of advantage if any problem that might occur with shipping, customs, authorities etc. will be communicated to SLP.

5.1 Destination

Delivery address to which goods are to be sent must be stated. Owing to the fact that the address can differ with various methods of shipment, possession of comprehensive information regarding this subject must be available.

5.2 Carriers

SLP standard term of delivery is EX WORKS SLP warehouse, Kumla for all order classes (according to INCOTERMS 2000). Consequently it is up to the Customer to choose a carrier. SLP is in continuous contact with various carriers and can recommend the most suitable carrier based upon available transport solutions.

5.3 Freight Charges

In case the Customer would instruct SLP to handle the delivery, the freight charge will normally be prepaid by SLP and debited on the invoice as a separate item.

5.4 Insurance

According to SLP terms of delivery it is the Customer’s responsibility to cover transport insurance. If required, SLP can insure the shipment on the Customer’s behalf.

5.5 Customs duties

According to SLP terms of delivery it is the Customer’s responsibility to settle all custom duties in the importing country.

5.6. Authorities – documents

When making deliveries to countries where the authorities require certificates of origin, consular invoices etc SLP produce these documents and present them to the authorities in Sweden. The fees paid to these authorities are debited on the invoices as a separate item.

5.7 Banking Questions

In cases where any document is sent via a bank, SLP requires the information as to the Customer’s bank.

5.8 Special Packing

A Customer may require special packing for certain items in an order. SLP must approve any such special packing request in advance. An extra charge for agreed special packing will be applied. The cost is calculated either based on hours spent for the special packing or as an additional cost/item.

6 Return and withdraws.

If you wish to return goods ordered by mistake or you want to use your withdraw right, you shall follow the return process described hereafter.

6.1. Return period.

You have a period of 30 days after the arrival of your order to process a return.

6.2 Return Report

You must fill in a Return Report, found on the website or by contacting SLP at and wait for our answer and a Return Order before sending the goods back to us.

6.3 Conditions of the goods

Parts must be returned unused in original packaging and the consignment shall be duly packed. 
In the event of missing or damaged original packaging, a reduction in value takes place. Impairment is assessed on a case-by-case basis.

6.4 Shipping

Shipment costs and responsibility for the transport risk are the customers responsibility.
The goods shall be sent to our warehouse:

Shipping address
Swedish Lorry Parts AB
Vissbergagatan 10-12
692 35 Kumla

6.5 Fees

Upon return, a fee of 15% will be discounted from the refund. Before sending the consignment, a return order will be sent from SLP.

6.6 Marking

Mark the package clearly with the order number and include the Return Order to ensure the correct processing in our warehouse.

6.7 Packing

The goods should be packed in such a way that all damage will be avoided. All parts should be clearly marked with part number. 
Cylinder liners and kits containing them must be transported according to special Transport Instructions.

6.8 Refund

After receipt and control of the returned goods, we will contact you to agree on the amount to be returned.

7 Claims and Warranty Procedures

If you have any complaints regarding a consignment of parts you shall use the WarrantyClaim report process described hereafter.

7.1 Acceptance of Goods

All shipped goods shall be inspected by the Customer as to quantity, number, weight and volume immediately upon arrival of each shipment. Any discrepancy in respect of quantity, number, weight and volume must be reported to SLP within 7 days after receipt of each shipment.

7.2 Warranty

This warranty policy applies to all Swedish Lorry Parts. (SLP) parts and components sold to SLP customers.
The obligation under this warranty is limited to reimburse the Buyer an amount equal to the purchase price, or repair
or replace the faulty product of the purchased SLP part or component found to be defective upon examination by Swedish Lorry Parts. It is the responsibility of the customer to see that all parts and paperwork are submitted for the claim. SLP customer must submit all claim charges, with the initial request, for warranty consideration. Warranty Claim authorization number will be arranged by SLP Warranty Department.

All SLP parts and components are warranted to be free from defects in materials or workmanship under normal use and service for a period of thirty-six (36) months or six thousand (6.000) hours of use or one hundred and twenty thousand (120.000) km / (74.500) miles, whichever occurs first.

It is understood that the end user or mechanic has an ongoing responsibility to examine a part as to its suitability to
the repair undertaken. It is expected that all parts will be installed by a professional mechanic with experience and according to manufacturer’s installation instructions.

The guarantee is subject to the following conditions:  
(A) the Buyer services and maintains the Product according to the manufacturer's recommendations. 
(B) the Buyer has not carried out any repair, alteration, process, operation or treatment to the Products without SLP's written consent.
(C) This warranty does not apply to any damage that is the result of rust, corrosion, or prolonged or improper storage.
(D) This warranty does not cover charges for fuel or lubricant usage, rental costs of any type, removal from or reinstallation of the product, or excessive time necessary to gain service access.
(E) As pointed out in (A), certain parts may need to be replaced due to wear and tear. Since these parts are consumed at varying rates, replacement is based on the operation and condition of your vehicle and on fixed schedules under normal operation and use of your vehicle. These items include, but may not be limited to, the following list: filters, fuses, belts, brake pads, brake rotors, wiper blades, shock absorbers.
(F) This warranty does not cover other incidental or consequential expenses including loss of use of the engine, loss of income, or inconvenience.
(G) SLP is not responsible for failures resulting from any replacement part or component which has been subject to misuse; negligence; inadequate lubricant or coolant; under filling; overloading; lack of proper maintenance; or accident. SLP is not responsible for the failure of any part that has been altered or repaired in anyway which in judgment of SLP might affect its stability or reliability. SLP is not responsible for failure resulting from improper installation, repair procedures, alteration or misapplication of parts.
(H) For SLP parts, liquids and fuel must be used following manufacturer´s recommendation. Liquids and fuel must be used from sources there no contamination exist. 

All requested information from SLP is required to be submitted to the SLP Warranty Department within 30 days of receiving your claim number. Request by Warranty department of return of part(s) they must be returned within 90 days otherwise claim is rejected. 

If claim is denied, questions, comments and appeals regarding the outcome of the claim are required to be submitted in writing within 10 days. If no appeals requested from customer in that time, the claim part(s) will be scrapped at SLP.

No person, distributor, agent, employee or company is authorized to modify or extend the terms of these warranties.

Revision 2022-March: This warranty policy is valid until further notice.

7.3 WarrantyClaim Report

You shall use the S 4-5-62 WarrantyClaim Report, found on our website or by contacting SLP, to report any discrepancies found and the actions you wish us to take.
The handling of faulty deliveries always involves a certain amount of expenditure both for you as our Customer and for SLP. Consequently we apply a minimum limit, a minimum value per order line, which will form the lower limit for the handling of a discrepancy. The limit applies for both parties and should be applied on both over- and short deliveries. We do however appreciate any information regarding discrepancies regardless of value in order to continuously work with quality improvements. The minimum limit for handling a discrepancy is currently fixed per order line at 50,00 SEK.
Complaints must be reported no later than 7 working days after receipt of the goods in your warehouse for report codes 10,11,13, 14, 16, 19 and 21.
For defective goods, report code 15, claims must be reported within the warranty period.
Methods to send WarrantyClaim Report to SLP

7.4 Batch No.

Batch No., if applicable, is noted on the Label of the part or on the packaging.

7.5 Report Codes

Report Codes used in the WarrantyClaim report are following:

10 – Wrong Content in Kit

In case of Wrong Content in Kit, SLP accepts claims reported later than 7 working days after receipt of goods. Claims after the general Warranty period will not be accepted.

11– Wrong amount invoiced

If too high price is invoiced, credit note should be requested. If too low price is invoiced, additional invoice should be requested.

13 – Wrong Parts Delivered

The invoiced part will be credited by SLP and new order should be placed by the customer. The wrongly delivered part should, if possible, be kept by the customer and charged by SLP in an additional invoice, this should take place if the part is a normal stocking item for the customer. If the customer cannot keep the part, a permission to return the part should be asked for.

14 – Short or Over Delivery

If possible the over-delivery should be kept by the customer and be charged by SLP in an additional invoice. This should take place if the part is a normal stocking item at the customer.
If the over-delivery is so big that it cannot be accepted, the customer can demand for permission to return the parts.
Note: Lost packages should be claimed to the freight- or insurance company. In these cases no WarrantyClaim report should be issued. 

15 – Defective Part/Faulty Quality

In case the delivered part is shown to be defective, either prior to mounting or after mounting on the truck, bus or machine.

16/21 – Transportation Damage in packing and/or poor packaging

Note! Transport damages should always be claimed through the freight company/insurance company.

19 – Other

Other claims that cannot be sorted under a specific claim code.

7.6 Decision Codes

The decision Code is used for Customers to express the required way of settling the filed claim. Decision Codes used in the WarrantyClaim Report are following:

0 – Credit note required
In case you prefer to have the claim settled with a credit note.

1 – Missing part required

In case of under supply, wrong parts delivered or defective part you may require SLP to send you replacement.

2 – Additional invoice required

In case of oversupply or wrong part delivered or ordered.

3 – Return permission required

In case you would like SLP to accept a return either due to oversupply, wrong part delivered or ordered.

4 – Scrapping permission required

In case returning the goods are not feasible or not possible

7.7. Preventive Action Response

A Claim sent to SLP will be replied by a Preventive Action Response in accordance with which the Customer claim will be handled.

7.8 Return Shipment

If SLP accepts or requires taking parts in return, the parts should be returned not later than one (1) month after receipt of the decision. Return freight will be paid by SLP unless the return shipment is due to wrong parts ordered by customer. SLP will send an Approval for return to send whit the shipment.

Shipping address
Swedish Lorry Parts AB
Vissbergagatan 10-12
692 35 Kumla

7.9 Packing

The goods should be packed in such a way that all damage will be avoided. All parts should be clearly marked with part number. Note: A  copy of the WarrantyClaim report and the SLP Approval for return should be put in an envelope marked ”Packing Note” and be packed together with the parts inside the box.

7.10 Marking

Each separate case, crate or pallet should be numbered and clearly marked.

7.11 Condition of Returned Parts

All returned parts have to be in brand new condition and not in any way affected by rust or other damages. Our quality control department will check all returned parts and decide if we can accept the parts or not. Their decision is final and in the event of a refusal you will be informed of the reason, parts will be scrapped and no credit issued. In cases of accepted returns to SLP requested by the customer due to no sales etc. SLP will take out a restock and repackaging cost.

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