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Wilmink Engine Parts

Wilmink Engine Parts is the technical specialist when it comes to parts for petrol, diesel and gas engines. We supply parts for the most diverse combustion engines in cars, tractors, trucks, but also in ships, for emergency generators and even combined heat and power plants!

Because we obtain our range from renowned Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM), we guarantee our customers top quality products that exactly meet the desired technical specifications. This working method pays for itself in the form of a long service life, minimum maintenance, reliability and great performance.

Because of our excellent supplier relations and position in the market, Wilmink Engine Parts offers very competitive pricing for all parts in our program.

Wilmink Group

Wilmink Engine Parts is part of the Wilmink Group, consisting of technical trading companies which supply more than 100,000 parts for petrol, diesel and gas engines from stock worldwide. With more than 60 enterprising employees, they ensure that thousands of satisfied customers in over 50 countries are supplied with the right items from the range that now consists of more than 700,000 items each and every day!

Because we care

All companies within the Wilmink Group are leading specialists who supply parts for petrol, diesel and gas engines. From very small to very large.

We enjoy helping you. We are driven by our helpful and vigorous approach and use our creativity to find the best solution for your problem.
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