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At Swedish Lorry Parts, we proudly demonstrate a stable and robust financial situation. It is vital that you, as an existing or future customer, feel completely safe when doing business with us.

Swedish Lorry Parts has been named among the very best in the industry by independent experts. Through our certifications, we will continue to increase our trust in our customers, suppliers, and employees, an essential prerequisite for long-term, stable business relationships. We constantly strive for excellence and often receive industry recognition. Here is a list of the certificates we have recently received:

UC Gold 

Swedish Lorry Parts have the lowest Risk Class 5, with the highest possible credit rating. Risc Class 5 indicates that Swedish Lorry Parts is a safe and solid partner to do business with. The credit rating is based on UC Risk Företag, the market's safest model for credit assessment.

UC Risk Företag (Company)

The credit assessment system UC Risk Företag produces information on whether a company is creditworthy. UC Risk Företag is updated daily, and the system calculates a company's risk of becoming insolvent within a year. By insolvency, UC means the company cannot fulfill all its payment obligations. All Swedish companies are classified in Risk Classes 1 to 5, where 5 represents the lowest risk of insolvency.

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AAA Certificate

Swedish Lorry Parts has Bisnode's AAA (triple A) gold certificate, which indicates that the financial risk of establishing a business relationship with us is extremely low. We are rated as one of Sweden's most financially stable companies. Out of 1.1 million companies, only 4.7% have the AAA rating. But only 2.4% maintain the AAA rating from the previous year, as Swedish Lorry Parts has done.

The assessment takes place according to an automatic set of rules based on over 2,000 combinations of decision rules. Current information is taken from Bisnode's data, the Swedish Companies Registration Office, Statistics Sweden, the Tax Agency, District Courts, enforcement authorities, the Land Registry, and others and is analyzed based on various decision rules. The credit rating is based on the ability to pay, age and business, finances, owner, and management.

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Branschvinnare (Industry Winner)

An Industry Winner is a company that has surpassed its industry's development in turnover and results. The company must also show a positive result. The average is calculated annually and based on all companies in the industry. On average, only 11.7% of Sweden's limited companies are awarded the award, and the industry classification is based on the company's SNI code.

Every year, Trust Magazine, in collaboration with Largest Companies, selects the companies that can boast the Industry Winner award.

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Bisdata V+ Certificate

These companies are strong performers and highly valued compared to others in your industry. The valuation rating is set based on financial strength, profitability, growth, and valuation to clarify further the image of a company's stability and performance. Bisdata offers company valuations, industry, municipality, and competitor reports.

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UC Nordiskt Tillväxtcertifikat (Nordic Growth Certificate)

Swedish Lorry Parts has received the Nordic Growth Certificate from UC. This award is given to a few companies that qualify as growth companies. The certificate is based on the previous year's financial statements, where growth, profitability, solidity, and number of employees are some of the parameters that are measured and analyzed. Only 5% of Sweden's companies qualify as growth companies each year. They have in common that the companies are stable, successful, and taking new market shares.

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ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System

Swedish Lorry Parts meets the requirements of the ISO 9001:2015 quality management system standard. The certification covers marketing, sales, production management, and warehousing.

DNV is one of the world's leading certification bodies, helping companies ensure the performance of their organizations, products, people, facilities, and supply chains. They are an independent expert in safety and risk management, one of the world's leading classification societies, and a recognized advisor to the maritime industry. DNV delivers world-renowned testing, certification, and technical advisory services to the energy value chain, including renewables, oil and gas, and energy management.

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