Environmental sustainability

As our tag line, "We make your vehicle last longer" suggests, sustainability is in our DNA. Taking good care of and extending the life of our vehicles is one of the best things we can do for the environment. At Swedish Lorry Parts we want to do more than that, striving to make environmental improvements across our business. We are currently working towards the ISO 14000 certification – a set of standards created to reduce negative impact on the environment.

Extended life – the best environmental effort

Building a new heavy vehicle requires a lot of resources from all corners of the globe. Production and transportation of these materials all have a severe impact on the environment. We want to offer high quality spare parts to ensure that your vehicle has as long a lifetime as possible, thus minimizing your environmental footprint.

When a vehicle's warranty and maintenance contract has expired and the value has fallen, high quality parts are needed at a reasonable cost to maintain the vehicle's condition. Service and renovations are required at regular intervals to meet the legal requirements on the amount of emissions that may be emitted. Here we offer quality parts that contribute to reducing these emissions, keeping vehicles within the guideline values and greatly extending their lifetime.

Volvo and Scania do not normally offer spare parts for models longer than the law requires. Swedish Lorry Parts supplies parts to new and older machines, long after OE has started to phase out.

“As Swedish Lorry Parts' replacement parts often cost only a fraction compared to original parts, it becomes more sustainable and economical to maintain the vehicles and add years to their lifetime.”

Volvo and Scania are famous for their long service life. In many parts of the
world it is not 
uncommon to see 35-year-old vehicles still in daily operation.


Striving for a green warehouse

We are currently designing an installation of solar cells on the roof of our large central warehouse. The goal is for the central warehouse to be completely self-sufficient in electricity, including electricity for all our forklifts, which are electrically powered.

Packaging recycling

We are in the process of minimizing plastic packaging as much as possible. We also shred all the cardboard and use it instead of the previous plastic packaging materials.

New lighting

We have replaced all lighting with energy-efficient LED lamps in our offices and central warehouse, which has resulted in a saving of 16 tonnes of carbon dioxide per year.

District heating

Our central warehouse is connected to the local district heating system, which reduces our climate footprint.

Paperless office

In our office, we only print what is necessary due to legal requirements. We handle all other documentation digitally.
We only use eco-labelled office machines. 
We have reduced the number of paper spare parts catalogues to 25% of the previous volume.

Company cars

Our aim is to gradually replace our company cars with electric cars and plug-in hybrids.

Environmentally certified workwear

We have chosen an environmentally certified partner, CWS, for our workwear. The entire chain from materials, manufacturing, transport, detergents, etc. is developed for the least possible environmental impact. 


We require our manufacturers to have certification like ISO9001, ISO14000 and IATF16949.
On request from our customers, we provide safety data sheets for all products with carefully specified environmental declaration.


We prioritize all our transports with environmentally friendly distributors.

Sustainable Aviation Fuel

We compensate for the climate when flying with Lufthansa by paying for sustainable aviation fuel and have therefore been awarded an Emission Mitigation Certificate.


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