High-quality products have always been our principle focus and the key to our success. As a customer, you can rest assured that parts from SLP maintain at least the same quality as original parts. And at a more attractive price. We test all products using our own testing programme before bringing them to market. We follow the market closely and constantly communicate with customers about how they are using our products.

Quality – not just in the products

We also provide knowledgeable personal contacts and advice, as well as administrative systems and communications to make your work easier. We strive to provide the finest service in the industry and have our own standards of quality and precision – good isn’t good enough! Our products are as far from cheap knock-off parts as it’s possible to come.

Since our brand has been targeted by copycat manufacturers and brand counterfeiters, all SLP parts are now marked with a seal that stands for the highest quality and proves they are genuine SLP parts.

ISO 9001:2015

Swedish Lorry Parts products are guaranteed by an ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System with certification by DNV. To view the certificate, click on the image below.

SLP Iso 9001


We are so certain we are providing the highest quality in the spare parts industry that we extend the Swedish Lorry Parts guarantee to every product we offer. Our quality and our constant research on custom products gives our customers the confidence and the results they expect.


In-house design and machine tooling

Our skilled, experienced technical staff develop their own drawings and design the machine tooling for our products. Essentially all of our products are designed and manufactured in Sweden – an advantage, since they are intended for Swedish heavy vehicles. We cannot afford to allow any spare part from SLP be of lower quality than the original part.

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